вторник, 29 януари 2013 г.

Ladybirds & Bees Nails

Above are the ladybird style nails, they don't necessarily have to be red, I decided to make them yellow! Why not green or blue? My 3 yealrs old daughter loves nails decoration too, she had her ladybird on blue background with white dots. My style on the left is naked nails with a single ladybird and french manicure finishing. An inspiration for this model was one of the beauty top trends for Spring 2013, the Prabal Gurung's blood-spattered nails on Marie Claire site. The ladybird in dark red didn't turn out very pretty, so I made it yellow, and the top of the nails polished with solid colour on nude base looks very hot. Next time I will do it with a different colour, other than the standart french manicure.
Below are the bee nails manicure, again photos of me and my little girl, we are having fun spending time together while decorating our nails! The bumble bee nails model I've seen here. 

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