сряда, 23 януари 2013 г.

Oriflame products review

Today I will review the following products by Oriflame:
1. Optimals "seeing is believing" - multi benefits eye cream
2. Crystal base & top coat nail polish
3. Matte control Pressed powder
4. Activelle anti-perspirant 24h deodorant Invisible
5. Body lotion "Cocktails & the City"
1. I will take photo of my eyes today and another one in 2 weeks to compare and see the results. Hopefully the dark area underneath the eyes will be less visible and clear as advertised.
2. I will test how long lasting and durable is this top coat but bear in mind that  the original brush got broken the first day. I polished my nails in the dark red and when I applied the top coat the brush dyed in red color too and then afterwards when I tried to clean it unfortunately it broke. But if the color last for longer than 4 days I don't mind about the brush. I will keep you posted.
3. Here is a photo of my face before the after the makeup, the powder is very fine, it has an applicator but I prefer the powder brush. Obviously to cover the pimples and dark spots I have to apply a corrector. I love the package it is very compact powder, and maybe it is better to use it over the foundation.
4. This is a fresh fragrance and it is named invisible for it doesn't leave any marks on your clothes. Nice and fresh as expected but nothing exceptional.
5. I've got this product instead of post charges, it hydrates the skin very well and it smells a bit like strawberry. Oriflame has an Eau de toilette with the same fragrance.
Overall experience - I'm very happy with my new order. You can join me as consultant or order products from me.

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  1. I <33333 Oriflame. Could you please give some more details about the "Optimals "seeing is believing" - multi benefits eye cream"? I'm still looking for decent eye cream, and maybe if you write about it I can finally decide to buy it or to leave it. Thanks btw.

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  2. Yes, my opinion is that it is a regular eye cream, nothing extraordinary, I didn't notice improvement in the specified area. Overall opinion - I love Oriflame makeup and accessories but not the creams. I am still searching for my favourite eye cream as you are, so come back and share your experience!