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Goodbye greasy hair!

Goodbye greasy hair and Hello BC deep cleansing shampoo & BC pre-shampoo treatment by Schwarzkopf professional. I have always washed and styled my hair daily because it tends to get oily very fast. Just untill recently when I discovered the treatment theraphy I will share with you. By my test it is good for up to 48h !!! For me this is a huge difference, I can wash my hair 15 times a month instead of 30, wohoo :)

1. BC pre-shampoo peeling - 200 ml costs 15 $ (22 лв) This peeling mask exfoliates the scalps
 prone to grease. BC Hairtherapy with Peppermint Extract and delicate peeling parts removes the extra oil and stimulates the scalp microcirculation. Amino Cell Rebuild technology restores the natural hair elasticity by strenghtening the hair molecule structure. Gently massage onto the scalp before shampoo and rinse after 1 to 2 minutes. Fragrance free as the shampoo, suitable for sensitive scalps and hair. The only thing I disliked was the fact that the cover was not sealed.

2. BC deep cleansing shampoo - This is BC Bonacure hair therapy - Amino Cell Rebuild
Hair + Scalp deep cleansing shampoo of 250 ml for the price of 9.50 $ (14 лв)
It deep cleans you hair from the extra sebum, hair products or water remains. Along with the Puritec Cleansing System and the Peppermint Extract it refresh and deep clean the hair and scalp. The Amino Cell Rebuild technology restores the natural hair elasticity by strenghtening the hair molecule structure too. The consistency is transparent, liquid and has a very subtle fragrance. For best results apply after the BC pre-shampoo treatment.


This is 24h after use of regular shampoo. My hair gets nasty and I must wash it every day.

This photo is straight after use of the two Schwarzkopf products.

This is 24h after use of
BC pre-shampoo peeling & BC deep cleansing shampoo. Amazing isn't it! See for yourself and compare!

 And here is 48h after use of the products.
 Definitely it is time to wash again, but it is decent  looking enough and can wait till the evening.

Overall those two products aren't cheap but they are worth every penny and will be used for a long period of time, longer than the half priced shampoos which can't keep my hair oil free.

I recommend you try this series, they have other products for various types of hair and problems.
Ask for BC Bonacure by Schwarzkopf in the hair saloon near you.

  And yeah, I received my order in a branded black plastic bag.

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  1. И аз много харесвам продуктите на Шварцкопф. Много хубаво ревю :)

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing! My hair doesn't get oily fast, but the longer I can keep it looking fresh and clean the better;-) thank you so much for sharing, Kamy!

  3. Определено имам нужда от този пилинг - имам пробл;еми само в корените, същата като твоята ми става косата след един ден. Но пък краищата ми са към сухи...

    1. Краищата може да намазваш с продукт за краища, придава блясък и не се заплитат, бадемово или др олио вършат същата работа.