четвъртък, 14 февруари 2013 г.

St Valentine 2013

This is how my day began - with message on the mirror from my lovely husband

Some things are constantly trendy such as love, romantic, dreams, red and black colour. I am not going out today, but I was in a good mood to celebrate. Here is what I'm wearing today:

* Perfume "Intimately"by Victoria Beckham * "I love you" heart ring by Swatch * pin and necklace "Romeo & Giulietta" a gift from my sister from Verona, Italy.
Loving heart hair set and heart makeup

Heart hair pin and heart makeup <3


 Feel free to share links to your blog posts with Saint Valentine outfits, heart theme makeup and nails decoration. LOVE each other and celebrate LIFE!
                                           And last but not least a Saint Valentine dessert

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