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Top beauty Spring / Summer trends 2013

According to summary from Harpers Bazaar :
1. Gel manicure continues to be very popular, now the brands OPI together with Sephora created the new product called GelShine, a home system which helps to set and remove the polish, a procedure that save a visit to the beauty salon.
2. Green colour is trendy - as nail polish, eyeliner or mascara. It depends how far you are ready to go.
Pink is fashion trend for lips, lids, lashes and cheecks.
3. Cosmetic jeans?! Wrangler' new collection Denim Spa Therapy for Legs has an anti-cellulite technology and it soothes the skin using olive and aloe vera extracts into the fabrics. /
Top fashion trends according to Vogue
4. In all fashion week shows set in New York, Paris, Milan and London, eyes were the main focus of the makeup; the 2013 beauty top trend is coloured liner and super long lashes combined with lips in matte shade. /
5. White sunglasses - sunglasses with white frames promise to be the new chick accessory for 2013

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