четвъртък, 25 април 2013 г.

Half shaved hairstyle 2013

Hair reflects our personality, we change its colour according to our mood, we make a fashion statement or follow a trend which looks good on us or simply experiment and amuse ourselves. I love punk rock hairstyles, alternative haircuts and colourful hairtrends. Recently I've spotted celebrities like Pink, Rihanna, Avril Lavigne, Kesha and others shaving their heads and since a while I was bored with my haircut so I decided it was a good opportunity to try it. It is so awesome! I should have done it long ago, girls go ahead and do this hairstyle in your way. Soon I will add some pink or green highlights and show the photos here.

Some fashion magazines criticize the side shaved hairstyle but hey - it is not meant for boring people, so you, having a lifetime lasting hairstyle do not comment :) Talking of beauty trends, the shaved hair side is not created in 2013 it is older but now it is popular and trendy again. Suitable for men and women, existing in hundreds variations but all of them giving personality to their owners.

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