събота, 13 април 2013 г.

Oriflame charity bracelet

Since a while I wanted to get the Oriflame charity bracelet and finally I ordered the white one. It comes in brown and black too. It looks and feels very chic, well build, made from ...  The jewellery care requires to keep the bracelet away from water and perfumes. I am happy with the purchase - first for it is a charity item and by buying it we help orphan children and second because it is a beautiful and stylish accessory. Perfect for a gift too, its package consist of a white paper wrapped around the bracelet, plus satin gift bag, instruction booklet and all of this sealed once more in plastic packaging.
The price : 4.30 $ / 7 лв
Where to buy: whiteblack, brown
One size with adjustable ring. It has the Oriflame logo and the Charity foundation logo pendants. You will want to wear it all the time I know, but remember to take it off before shower please.

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