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Spring time 2013 - Liselotte Watkins collection

<p dir=ltr>I am extremely excited to present the limited edition collection by the italian designer Liselotte Watkins, it is an anniversary collection created especially for Oriflame. They were all too beautiful to miss, I am the proud owner of them all. The Anniversary collection by Liselotte Watkins came as a present for my own anniversary that's why it is so special. <br>
1. <b>Liselotte</b><b> Watkins Anniversary Bag</b> - Vast and lightweight bag, with zip-fastener placed in the center leaving room on both sides to reach for a small object in the bag without unzipping it, for example I reach for my tissues while walking.<br>

2. <b>Liselotte</b><b> Watkins Anniversary Pouch </b>- Much more spacious than the rest of my cosmetic pouches, also light and very comfortable. The only imperfection is the fact that the logo is not printed but sticked to the items and I am afraid that it will not last for longtime and in all cases it has to be hand washed.

3. <b>Liselotte Watkins Anniversary Purse </b> - Indeed very large, by far the largest purse I've ever had. The dimensions are 23 x 2 х 12 cm with space for many cards, and big fat wad of money :)

4. <b>Liselotte Watkins Anniversary Take Away Mug </b> - a travel cup with capacity 350 ml, I use it only for water. Easy to use and wash. The painted picture is in the inner side underneath the transparent plastic, I love that finish, it is durable and will stay with me for long.

5. <b>Liselotte Watkins Mobile Phone Case </b> - 8 х 13 cm, perfect for the new standard smart phones, I use HTC cha cha and it fits well.

Beautiful collection ladies, it makes my everyday walks special, cheerful and I highly recommend it to everyone! Available to order until 05.05.2013 or until stock lasts.

6. Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish - Intense Pink, code 20783, very pretty shade, I used to put on some nude colours recently and now that candy looking nails sent me straight to Spring time mood. It is time to switch to sandals, slippers and open toe shoes. I keep the skin of my feet fresh and odour free with the Feet Up Anti-perspirant Foot Cream (will add photo soon), now on sale.

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