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Oriflame summer offers

1. The latest skin care accessory by Oriflame is the Double-Ended Blackhead Remover
The stainless steel tool comes in a plastic cover and manual with instructions. How to use it: Clean your skin and disinfect the instrument. Wash your hands thoroughly. Use after hot shower or sauna, when the skin pores are opened.
Remove blackheads: Use the small circle end of the blackhead remover to remove blackheads by placing it on top of the blackhead and apply gentle pressure to clean the pore.
Remove whiteheads: Wait until the pimple makes its whitehead and carefully press the loop onto it.
I got it with 50% discount by ordering another cleansing product - Pure skin Face wash, as such product is essential. I am happy with both of them.
2. Optifresh Kids Toothbrush Timer and Optifresh Kid toothbrush - This timer is amazing for it made my kid brush her teeth with such excitement, it runs for 3 minutes, the ultimate time for oral hygiene as per dentists advice. She is impatient for that time of the day when she meets her little crocodile timer.
Optifresh kid toothbrush is for children aged between 3 and 6, it is the same quality as Oral B, Aquafresh etc but it is 2-3 times less expensive. We are content of this product and it is the third one we buy. The toothbrush is available in orange and green.
3.  Very Me No Time for Shine powder - another good products with low price. This is the Matte Light and contains 9 grams of pressed powder, larger than other Oriflame powders. The series Very Me offer affordable makeup and I have purchased quite many of them. I cannot compare them to Giordani Gold series but they are my option for take away and storage makeup items.
As a consultant you can replace the delivery tax with Oriflame product, in the current catalogue I took a chance to finally get the More hair spray brilliant shine - part of Demi Moor collection. Speaking of it that special collection is coming back in next catalogue 08 / 2013 from 27.05.2013 onwards. The hair spray has a medium fixation - it fix the hair well enough yet it is easy to brush it at the end of the day, very gentle product!
4. Sun Zone lotions are already available, actually since previous catalogue - available with SPF 10, 15, 25, 30, 50 with UVA filters, including kid sunprotection spray.
I use the Sun Zone lotion Face and Body SPF 30 High (photo to be added) They are still offered with 30% discount so hurry up and stock some for the summer 2013!

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