събота, 28 септември 2013 г.

Eye makeup

1. L'oréal Paris - Volume Collagene - Mascara Extra Volume
2. Very me lovebirrrds silver heart (21654) vs Ver me night fever silver glow (23117)
Left - Night fever / Right - Lovebirrrds
3. Dior - Diorshow Extase, Kohl pencil nude (23859), Lancôme Hypnôse
Left - Lancôme / Right - Dior
and Eyelash Curler (9315)
Left without kohl pencil / Right with kohl pencil
The photos speak for themselves, my favourite mascara of the three is Lancôme as it doesn 't stick my lashes together. I prefer the Very me Lovebirrrds eye shadow for it lasts longer and has a better coverage, comparing to Very me Night fever eye shadow which is creamy and looks like you didn 't touch up your make up since 8 hours... The kohl pencil in nude colour looks more natural than a white pencil and gives a professional final touch to my daily makeup. Last but not least is this must have makeup accessory - the Oriflame Eyelash curler !
Join Oriflame and get high quality makeup for low prices! Blessed Be :*

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  4. И на мен много ми харесват миглите ти! Продуктите, които си показала са много апетитни :)))

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